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NAPA celebrating 7th Annual convention on 8th August 2020 from 3PM to 7PM EST. For Live click here NAPA Convention 2020 Live for more details please check NAPA Events & News.


NAPA’s Vision is to bring all Padmashalis in North America and across globe under one umbrella. NAPA’s core focus is to leverage a digital platform to bring the Padmashali community together and help to accelerate the process of community integration.


Unite Padmashalis across globe and leverage collective community strength to provide focused social services to our extended family members and provide a strong united voice for economic and social growth.

NAPA is also planning to help Padmashali community development programs such as :

  1. Help for Marriages
  2. Support for Education
  3. Support for marketing weaving skills / products
  4. Immigration support and help